Once you have an in-depth understanding of how your qualifications earned online are recognized in your country, you’ll be able to plan how you’ll talk about your online learning experience to employers!

Many employers make no differentiation between online degrees and degrees earned on campus – as long as your qualifications are recognized in your field.

Students considering online study should not be deterred by old-fashioned ideas about ‘real’ degrees only being awarded by campus-based institutions. In fact, many employers now recognize that studying online (and part-time) takes a large amount of dedication and commitment. The passion and drive needed to achieve your qualifications online are characteristics of many star employees across industries.

Think studying for an online degree is something uncommon? Think again; the latest statistics show that around 33% of college students are taking at least one course online and “eventually, one-third of college students expect to study online, one-third expect to study only on campus, and one-third will do both.” This increased participation will naturally lead to increased recognition of online learning. Furthermore, there is a 71% expected increase in online enrolments overall.

Support for Online Learning
An important aspect that determines the quality of a study experience is the level of support that students receive. Many students worry that online institutions will not be able to provide the support that they need. This concern is increasingly being recognized by online learning providers, and many are working hard to ensure that students’ needs are met in all areas.

The main concern that potential students have regarding support is the lack of face-to-face help that an online course provides; however, by using technology like video calling and the more traditional phone and email, virtual institutions are increasingly bridging the gap between online and on-campus student support.

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