While the world is staying home, we’re all having to change how we work and learn. It’s obviously not easy, but there’s at least one bright side. The COVID-19 pandemic has been showing us how we can come together, even while physically apart. In that spirit, we’ve compiled the following resources that are either free or offered by a small business or youth-led venture, whom your contribution would benefit.


Recorded lectures;
Discussion forums
Live Q&A sessions; and
The resources offered to you for learning online will depend on the institution where you take your online program. Some online learning programs may require you to order physical textbooks in advance by in the mail, but these are generally being phased out in favor of eBooks and online-only methods of delivery.

For those institutions that have made the transition to using 100% online resources, students can expect to study using a combination of cutting-edge technological resources with no need to travel to attend lectures, exams or in-person discussion sessions!

Taking an online learning program, you’ll be an officially registered student at your institution and have access to the same resources as an on-campus student, like your institution’s digital library, learning management system (like Blackboard), student union membership and more! An online degree is similar to taking a degree program on campus, but you have the freedom to direct your own study schedule.

Your school and your course instructor will determine the format for each individual course and will select delivery methods that are best suited to your course or program. What a Biology major needs to learn successfully online will differ from what an Art History major needs!

Online learning may be a completely new experience for you. If you’re coming from a more traditional learning background, read on to discover how to make the most of the resources you may encounter in your online learning journey!

“School of Fish (SoF)” – Digital Literacy through Computational Thinking
World’s 1st Proprietary Digital Literacy Curriculum focused on Computational Thinking skills for K-5. Developed & used by children in Singapore; winning multiple accolades including 2019 IMS Global Learning Impact Award & Runner-Up at BETT GESA 2019 Awards. SoF is an APP for both schools/teachers and parents to teach children both in class/online through videos/games/activities. Pending approval as signatory of Student Privacy Pledge.

Cloud offers filtering, MDM, classroom-management, and parental-controls for take-home 1:1 devices (Chromebooks, iPads, Windows and Macs). It requires teacher facilitation while students are using it. It can be assigned by a teacher and used independently by a student.
Students can use single sign-on (such as OneRoster).

A Guide to Getting Started with Distance Learning
BetterLesson coaches have gathered tips and resources in response to eight questions important to consider when planning for a successful launch of virtual learning. We hope the recommendations we’ve compiled will help you create an engaging and impactful distance learning experience for your students during this challenging time.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy offers learning games and interactive activities for ages 2-8 which include animations, games, books, songs, puzzles, art and printables.

Actively Learn is a digital curriculum platform for middle school and high school ELA, science, and social studies. It requires teacher facilitation while students are using it. It can be assigned by a teacher and used independently by a student. Students must have a desktop or laptop computer/mobile device, and internet access – low bandwidth (e.g. for email, web searching, word processing).

Actively Learn has earned the Digital Promise Research-Based Design product certification.

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