Many online institutions are fully accredited institutes of higher learning. Your institution will clearly state the type of qualification you’ll gain from pursuing an online program with them – from bachelor to master degrees, graduate certificates, and everything in-between. Use online learning to gain the qualifications you need!

Despite this, students researching online institutions are still encouraged to research their accreditation, the type of qualification you’ll earn from an online learning program, and the nature of the online institution itself.

The rules for accreditation and the types of qualifications an online institution is permitted to give students can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

The country the online institution is based in;
If the institution is public or private;
The institution’s official title – university, school, academy etc; and
The type of program the institution is offering – degree, certificate, qualification.
Students use online learning to studying entire degree programs, get particular certifications to take the next step in their careers, or to pursue a practical qualification available online.

No matter why you’re looking to learn online, ensure that you have a full understanding of the type of institution you’ll be studying at, and how the qualifications they offer will be recognized in your country or by future employers before signing up!

Many online institutions will partner with campus-based universities to create and deliver their online programs. This enables an online institution to benefit from the specialized knowledge and technology that an online provider can offer, while the online institution is then able to offer validated degree courses through the brick-and-mortar institution.

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